Admission Requirements

To apply to Clarys Advance Nursing Education (CANE), select the appropriate program application. If you have any difficulty accessing the online application, Please contact our office for assistance on 703.444.6215

● Students must be at least 18 years of age or older
● Valid Identification card [Driver’s license, state ID, Passport]
● Social Security card
● Valid CPR (American Heart Association) Offered on institutional campus.
● High school diploma/GED
● Pre-screening entrance exam ($50)
● Admission interview with the Program Director
● Three Personal references
● Physical examination record (not more than 6 months from time of entry)
● Documentation of required immunizations including annual TB Skin Test or Chest X-Ray, MMR,
Varicella Titer, DTAP, Tetanus.
● Criminal Background check by CANE ($50)
● Drug screening at the time of admission and whenever it deems necessary.

Physical Examination and Immunization Requirements

Clarys Advance Nursing Education (CANE) requires that all enrolled students submit proof of  a Physical Examination and immunization record. The “Physical Health Assessment Form” is available at the Main Office. The Following listed items are to be completed once you have been notified that you are provisionally accepted at the program.

  1. A physical examination by an authorized healthcare provider, including both
    urine and blood testing is required.
  2. Recommendations for the People Delivering Patient Care

Unless a doctor certifies a medical or religious exemption, everyone working in an institution that provides patient care must show proof of the following communicable disease screenings and/or vaccines.

Immunization Requirements

  • You ought to obtain all of the aforementioned immunizations because they have been recommended for both your safety and the safety of the patients. All students enrolled in the Practical Nursing program must have these immunizations, and all medical proof must be submitted before the course's first day.

Vaccination Policy

Students in CANE nursing programs must spend a predetermined number of hours
at a clinical location. There are vaccine and immunization requirements for
participating in clinical/Field Experience. By promptly completing the necessary
healthcare documents, immunization records, and background checks, students
must abide by the stringent health care requirements of the clinical locations.
Students are not allowed to take courses in the programs if they fail to successfully
complete the health, immunization, and background checks. There are no
exceptions for health and safety. During the admissions process and at the
required orientation, students are informed about the immunization requirements,
background checks, and vaccinations.

Student Handbook 2023-2024

For the purpose of maintaining the highest possible academic standing, CANE LPN
Program reserves the right to amend the curriculum and any relevant
prerequisites. In doing so, CANE reserves the right to alter both the curriculum and
the student handbook as judged necessary at any point during the entirety of the
curriculum. When adjustments are made, information will be communicated
verbally, in writing, and posted on our website and the student information board.
The student is in responsible for acquiring all current information from the
information board or the internet.


Academic Calendar

The school operates on a non-traditional term and has rolling admissions.
The following holidays are observed, and no classes are held on:

  1. New Year Day
  2. Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  3. Independence Day (July 4)
  4. Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  5. Day before Thanksgiving
  6. Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)
  7. Christmas Eve
  8. Christmas Day